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Our Facility


Tunnels, A-Frame, elevated Dog Walk, Teeter-Totter, all varieties of jumps and other AKC compliant agility equipment provide fun and stimulus for your dog (and you !). Whether you’re looking for fun and engagement for you and your dog or taking it to the next level and compete at AKC events, agility might be right for you!
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Indoor Training Room

Our climate-controlled 1,500 sq ft training room with all the tools-of-the-trade available for your puppy to adult dog whether its obedience, agility in inclement weather, nose work or a tricks class. Does your dog have the Canine Good Citizen certification? Wiggle through the weave poles? Use that nose to find hidden treasures of birch, clove and anise? Put away toys after playtime and offer high-fives? Sign up today and work with our trainers.